venerdì 10 giugno 2016

Vintage Fair all info!

 Vintage Fair is just around the corner, and with it comes an absolute shed-load of goodies to take home!

From June 10th to June 26th you can wander around the fair and shop until you drop, but script limits will be in place so it's best to go wearing very little (cover the naughty bits though!) and don't forget to remove all of your huds and scripted items before you land or you may be booted!

As a special perk members of the PGP Info Group in world will have 12 hours early access to the event, (June 9th only!) the group is free to join and membership is currently open.

As usual there is a handy map to guide you around the sim, we also have all the landmarks for you to beeline straight to your favourite stores (these will be available for you on the 9th! please check back!). There is a forced landing point but using the land marks to the individual stores will give you a big beacon to follow rather than just toddling around in circles.