martedì 12 aprile 2016

Look 1122

Wicker Chair Good Mood * CHEZ MOI


 In the spring or summer, enjoy the sun and outdoor life. Ibiza Beach set is perfect to decorate beaches and pools and spend pleasant moments with your friends. The tent has 48 animations for PG version and 84 animations for Adult version and place for 1-2 people:
♥ 20 individual animations (female and male) 
♥ 28 poses for couples (14 x 2)
 ♥ 36 sex animations (18 x 2) – Adult version only
♥ Several accessories “wearable”
♥ Texture-change options: 9 combinations to choose from a menu. The inflatable mattress has 28 animations: 
♥ 18 individual animations, including animated floating in the water (male and female)

♥ 10 poses for couples (5 x 2)

♥ Texture-change options: 6 combinations to choose from a menu. Have fun and enjoy the season!

Available at CHEZ MOI MARKETPLACE, or for a closer look, visit our INWORLD STORE.